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Reviews of Active Care Medical Centre

June 26, 2014

My daughters doctor is Dr. Goulet which he is an excellent doctor, but i have thought many times to try looking for a new doctor, because of the staff, the girls at the front desk, are all very ignorant and rude, Three of them were at the desk yelling at me, infront of other patients, because they apparently had called me Friday to re-schedule my daughters Month follow up appointment for another month, how that makes sense is beyond me!! I have read other reviews and most of them are saying negative things about the staff, I think the doctors at this clinic should really think about getting new staff for the front desk!!!!!!

April 16, 2013

Brutal!! The staff are very rude !!! Then when asked to speak to a manager I was surprised at how rude she was. You get no follow up calls on results!! I called to see about my daughter throat swap and the nurse robin was so rude saying it was in the doctors in box. I seen another doctor at another clinic they got the results from the lab after I signed a release of info. We had the result with in five minutes. I never did get a call back from activecare with my daughters throat results!!! Stay clear of this poorly managed clinic!!

November 11, 2012

It has been several years that my family and I have been living in Ontario and we have been to several medical clinics, but none of them had the unprofessional and rude staff as some of the staff in this clinic. We were patients of this clinic only for a few months and same as many of the other patients of this community, after suffering a lot of poor services and inappropriate behaviors, we switched to another clinic and family doctor. We are very satisfied now and no longer have to tolerate the rudeness of this clinic. People understand that there is a lack of medical services in Ontario and if a messed up clinic like this clinic still has patients, it is exactly due to this reason, but people can also recognize poor services and rude behaviors. If I were one of these rude staff and heard what patient said about me, I would try to correct myself instead of writing good reviews for myself. Writing a comment with four stars is funny than anything else. The fact that in a waiting time you saw “a couple of rude patients” has no logic, otherwise we should be sorry to live in this country.

October 14, 2012

One of my kids was ill so I took them in to the walk in clinic. While there was a bit of a wait, I found the staff and doctor to be excellent. Because we were waiting for a while, I had the opportunity to observe the clinic operation. The front staff was very professional even though they had to deal with a couple of rude patients. I think that people loose sight of the reality of medicine in Ontario. You do need to wait for specialists and tests. Do not take it out on those who are trying their best under difficult circumstances.

September 25, 2012

We had one good visit for my son with Dr. Goulet. He's the first doctor we've seen that genuinely cared for his well being and he was straight with us that it would take a long long time for him to see a specialist for his skin rashes. With his help it took a little over 2 months (usually takes over 6).
Our visits since then have been less impressive. My wife recently had a very bad sore throat, feverish for a couple of days. They looked at her, gave her a throat swab and did nothing for her. It took 4 days to get the results and what a surprise, she has strept throat. In the meantime being a school teacher, she's been giving everyone else strept throat. Now I have it and our 4 kids have it. This is what you call Active Care?!?! I'll settle for at least care if not active.Great health system Ontario!
I've also been there with severe jaw pain starting from ear going into my lower jaw. The Dr. sent me to a dentist and then the dentist sent me back to see the Dr. Luckily both were across the street from each other. I kept getting the same Dr. at "Active Care" so I got an appointment with my family Dr. which is not that easy. She sent me for a CT scan would took 4 weeks to get an appointment. I was in a lot of pain the whole time and eating pain killers like candy. It ended up being a very large sinus infection after months of running around.
I know it's a convenient location but unless you're a child and can see Dr. Goulet, don't bother going no matter how desperate you are.

August 19, 2012

Contradictory responses are common in this office in the follow-up of test results, no one is responsive and office managers unbelievably rely on physical reactions if you make a complaint. No grocery store behaves towards its customers the way that this medical clinic behaves with their patients. My daughter had a blood test at this clinic and a volunteer form that was supposed to be filled out by the doctor when the results were ready. My daughter was supposed to start her volunteer work in another city a month and a half after she performed her test. We followed-up a couple of times due to the unusually long wait after one month that was passed. At first the office staff checked the system and told us that the blood report is here but the doctor has not filled out the form yet. After that, in my follow-up, Danielle talked to me very coarsely as to why I am following up. Instead of digging to the issue to see whether the reports are hear or not, she just told me “if your daughter is above 16 years old, we will not give her results to you”. I said “if the result is ready, my daughter will come to pick it up herself; just let me know if the form is ready”. Then Danielle, the front desk manager, contradicted what the front desk had already told me and said that the blood report has not even arrived yet. I asked several times if this is the case please do a follow-up from the lab to make sure that no problem has occurred or let us know which lab the sample has been sent to, to follow-up by ourselves. Since our daughter had to start her volunteering in another city and she had a flight ticket, if her form was not ready, she could not start her volunteering. No one was responsive. They did not allow me to talk to the doctor. Nancy, the office manager, said she does not have time to talk to me either. When I didn’t leave office to be able to talk to someone for a follow-up, Danielle and Nancy pushed me to get me out of the office. I left the office and my daughter went to the other city and missed her first week of volunteer work until the test results from the blood test that she redid in that city got ready. It only took a week in the clinic there!

August 13, 2012

This clinic is very unorganized and the office manager behaves very rudely if you raise an objection. I was supposed to have a tuberculosis skin test on both of my hands in two consecutive weeks. After each injection a tuberculosis skin reading is required after two days for seeing the body’s reaction. I paid for the first injection and after waiting two days I went to the office and a nurse did the skin reading for the result. A week after, I went for the injection to my second hand and I paid the same amount for it. After two days when I went to the office, they asked for money again. I said I have already paid, they said you have to pay again to do the skin reading. I said I had the same test on my other hand a week ago and I was not asked to pay money again. I asked to talk with the office manager, Nancy MacDonald. She talked to me harshly and said it depends on the person that is on duty for skin reading. If s/he wants to get another amount they are allowed to do so. I cannot think of a more foolish answer a clinic manager could say in this situation. They have no straightforward way for such a popular test and simply confuse patients by relying on the skin reader if they want to charge the patient again or not.

August 10, 2012

The lowest rating on this site is" Ugh, never again" which means not even one star! But I didn't pick that because my family doctor works there and unless I find another good doctor or she moves somewhere else I need to go to this clinic :(

The worst clinic ever!
I would like to share my experience with this clinic:
There are some very irresponsible people working at this clinic. We were happy with our family doctor before she moved to Active Care Clinic at 108 Klondike Rd, Kanata, ON K2K 0G1. Now we are very disappointed due to extremely bad service from this clinic, and those who supposed to pick up the phone a/o talk to you and help you. I have so many examples but the last one is from Aug 8th: I called and was on hold for about 50 min in the morning, I told them I have an adult with chickenpox (contagious) and need to see our doctor. I was told she was fully booked and after I asked to see her as walk-in and requested them to talk to our doctor as I knew she would be helpful and understanding, they talked to her and told me to bring the patient at 1 pm. But when we went there they registered us as walk-in [ignoring what they told me on the phone] and there were others before us. We waited for more than 1.5 hours and then saw our doctor who was surprised as despite her request [earlier in the day to register us for 1 pm as the first walk-in patient] why we waited that long. She was going to talk to them, but I don't think the management or the receptionists listen to all the complains patients make. I don't know how many of young and old patient waiting at the clinic got the chickenpox virus by us in the waiting room for that long.
We had similar situations in the past and reported to our family doctor and apparently she passed our message but nothing has changed. So far few of my family member and relatives changed their family doctor and no longer go to this clinic and this might be the solution the rest of us take.
I hope that other unsatisfied patients add their reviews on the internet so hopefully the clinic management and those who seem not to care about patient will treat people fairly.

August 10, 2012

Poor patient services, an ignorant office manager and no one to talk to in this clinic. I had pain on my hipbone and I was visited by Dr. Gomez in this clinic as a walk-in patient and she issued an X-ray for me. After two weeks, I got a call from the clinic that the X-ray result is here and the doctor wants to see me, while I had already left Ottawa and would not be able to come back soon. I called the clinic and asked if I could talk with the doctor regarding my problem. The office didn’t let me do so. I cannot understand why they don’t consider the situation of the patient that is far from home and I am worried due to the doctor recall. Since I still had pain, I got an appointment from a doctor in the city that I was in and my wife went to the clinic to see how we can have a copy of the X-ray result. The front desk staff, Danielle, talked to my wife in a very disrespectful and harsh way and said if he is a walk-in patient, we cannot give the result. My wife said “we do have a family doctor here, but I don’t know why the service should be different if the patient is a walk in or not”. Then she said “if you have a family doctor here, we have to receive a fax request from the doctor to let an X-ray exam be faxed”. My wife said “alright” and emphasized to “please send the X-ray report as soon as you get the fax request, otherwise, my husband will miss his appointment that he has in the next two days”. She said “we check the fax 10 times a day and she didn’t tell my wife anything about the requirement for the doctor’s permission to release the exam result. The office sent the fax request but when I went for my appointment the X-ray result was not there. I came back from my appointment with no result. Every time that my wife went in person or called, they just replied to her that Dr. Daverne, our family doctor, did not let us send the result yet. No one took responsibility. The office manager and Danielle had a very aggressive behaviour towards my wife in her follow up and after a week, they just simply said “we received the X-Ray result today”! While the message on our answering machine in our phone system says that three weeks before I had a recall from the doctor, my X-Ray result was there and during all the discussions in between, the only issue was the doctor’s permission to send the fax but they simple denied that result was in the office three weeks before!

June 11, 2012

The clinic is poorly managed.
Physician created an MRI referal on Tuesday, following Monday the referal had not been sent to the hosipital, the assistant inticated she hoped to get to it tomorrow. 1 week later, maybe.

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