Archived Carecru Updates

⏳Historical Enhancements

Forms Submissions Enhancements

Release Date: 07-21-2022

Details: The following four enhancements were added to the Forms Submissions section of CareCru:
1. Filter Option*
You now have enhanced filtering capabilities to easily sort through submissions. These filter options will be saved on your Forms Submission page for the entire day before being reset. (This includes name sort as well)

2. Default Filter*
By default, you will notice the Filters button has 1 filter automatically applied. This filter was created to show only Unactioned Forms, while hiding all the actioned ones. You can clear this filter as needed, but the functionality is to reduce workload on previewing all submissions and instead, only showing those forms that still require manual intervention by your team.

3. Mark Actioned from Preview*
Along with being able to download a form directly from the form preview, you can now also mark the form as actioned or unactioned instead of only being able to do it from the main Forms Submissions page.
4. Mark successfully synced forms as Actioned+
+For Power Practice and ABELDent practices only
Forms that are successfully synced to your practice management software will now automatically be marked as Actioned, reducing manual intervention by your team.

*Note: if you do not see the new Filters button on the Forms Submissions page, you will need to complete a hard refresh of your Cache:

  • Click on the 3 dots in Chrome (top right of your browser)
  • Click on More tools
  • Click on Clear browsing data
Select Cached images and files  and click on Clear data
Now, go back to your internet browser tab with your CareCru platform and refresh the tab.

CareCru Facelift / Rebrand

Release Date: 07-20-2022

Details: It was time to modernize our look and feel, as well as improve upon the web application experience.
You’ll notice a new logo and color scheme, along with some usability enhancement including:

  • enhanced color scheme to make it easier to focus on the content that matters most
  • more tooltips to help you navigate the platform
  • new icon on the Chair view in the schedule to easily identify which view your are in (Chair or Practitioner)

The goal was to ensure the platform remained easy to use and build upon our vision to maximize the potential of every dental practice.




Pop-up Notifications for Chat

Release Date: 06-15-2022

Details: If notifications are enabled, users on the platform will now receive a pop-up notification for incoming chat messages. Previously, this notification was limited to only Virtual Waiting Room and Online Booking Requests.

To enable (or disable) these notifications, please find the below instructions:

Enable Notifications

Waitlist Preferred Days to Factor in Office Hours

Release Date: 06-15-2022

Details: When a patient tries to add themselves to the Waitlist from the Online Appointment Booking Widget, the available days option will now factor in the office business days.
Example: Office is closed on Sundays, these days are no longer presented as an option for their available days.

Updated Missed/Cancelled Metric

Release Date: 06-13-2022

Details: Updated Missed/Cancelled Appointments metric found in the Schedule Report under the Intelligence Page
The updated metric will track the total count of appointments that were missed/cancelled but have not been rescheduled after cancellation (at the time the report is generated).  
This metric replace the percentage of Total Appointments missed/cancelled.

Retain Draft Chat Messages in Patient Conversation until Sent

Release Date: 06-01-2022

Details: Previously, if you started to type a text response to a patient in Chat, and you navigated away from the Chat feature, you would lose anything you had typed. Now, the message will be saved as a draft until such time as the user clicks on Send. This is particularly useful when you need to copy a form link and have to return back to your draft chat.

Follow-Ups Default View to Include Active and Inactive Patients

Release Date: 05-18-2022

Details: Previously the default view found under the Patient Management reports My Follow Ups (Past 30 Days) and Follow Ups would only show Active patients, and you would have to remove the default filter to see Inactive patients as well. Now we have removed this filter from both reports so that you automatically see all your follow-ups, regardless of the patient’s status.

Receive Images/GIF’s from Patients through Chat

Release Date: 04-06-2022

Details: Both Images and GIF’s sent by patients can now be viewed in Chat. Upon receipt, the practice user can also open the image in a new window, and save it as required. This is a great feature when requesting pictures of insurance cards, estimates, etc!

Form Sync for ABELDent and Power Practice

Release Date: 03-25-2022

Details: Patient submitted forms are now able to be automatically synced and downloaded into the practice management software for clients using ABELDent or Power Practice. Keep an eye out for this feature to be released to more of our compatible practice management software’s soon!! 

Edit Patient Created Waitlist Entries

Release Date: 02-25-2022

Details: Practice users now have the ability to edit patient created waitlist entries. This edit feature was previously only available on waitlist entries created in the CareCru platform.

Customize Donna’s Reminders & Virtual Waiting Room

Release Date: 02-07-2022

Details: The ability to fully customize all your reminder and virtual waiting room messages directly in the platform through Account Settings > Donna

Here’s an example of the new look:

Find below a link to our Knowledge Article which includes a short video detailing how each setting works, and how you can customize each reminder.

Customize Donna’s Reminders

Waitlist Warning Prompt for Duplicate Entries

Release Date: 01-26-2022

Details: Not sure if a waitlist entry for a patient has already been captured? Now you will receive a warning prompt as soon as you try to enter a patient’s name who is already in your Waitlist.

Still want to proceed with adding in the additional entry? No problem, you can still complete your entry as usual!

Change Online Booking Widget Label

Release Date: 01-10-2022

Details: Users in the platform with the role of Owner now have the ability to edit the online booking widget label. The options available are now:

  • Book Online
  • Request Appointment

This feature can be found in Account Settings > Practice > Online Booking:

Cellphone Number Verification

Release Date: 12-08-2021

Details: No more texting landlines! Cellphone numbers will now be verified to ensure they are SMS (text) enabled before a text message is sent to them. This will apply to messages sent manually via Chat, or automatically via Donna’s automated workflows.

The status of verified cellphone numbers can be viewed in the side bar of each patient’s chat conversation, and in the patient profile. If a patient’s phone number does not support SMS (text), then Donna and practice employees will no longer be able to text the patient unless their cellphone number is updated.

Click here for more detailed information on this new verification feature.

Patient Name Preference

Release Date: 12-08-2021

Details: The ability to choose a patient’s First Name or Preferred Name in automated communications from Donna is now accessible under the Account Settings > General Tab. Note that only users with the role of Owner will be able to edit this setting. This field was previously only viewable by CareCru Support.

Click here for full instructions.

Facebook URL

Release Date: 12-08-2021

Details: The ability to update your Facebook URL is now accessible under the Account Settings > General Tab. The Facebook URL link is pulled into the footer of Donna’s automated emails. This field was previously only viewable by CareCru Support.

Waitlist – Days Expanded View

Release Date: 12-08-2021

Details: Users can now view expanded details for the Days column in the Waitlist by hovering over each entry, similar to how a user could previously hover over Times and get the expanded details.

Improved Unsubscribe Experience for Patients

Release Date: 09-15-2021

Details: Enhanced patient experience for unsubscribing from CareCru email communications now allows patients to receive confirmation that their request has been updated. The patient can also return back to their preference, or go to the practice website

Smart Follow Up Logic

Release Date: 09-14-2021

Details: Donna’s Smart Follow Up Recall messages will now accommodate missed or cancelled appointments.

Example: patients will not receive a smart follow up message unless they have received at least one regular recare message since their last scheduled appt (e.g. complete or missed or cancelled).

  • No recent appt booked then cancelled appt? Below message is sent.          

  • Recent appt cancelled/missed and back on the due/late list? Below message is skipped, next regular recall message to be sent.

New CareCru Support Ticketing Platform

Release Date: 09-07-2021

Details: Our real-time chat application to contact CareCru Support has been replaced with Zendesk, a premium enterprise support platform. Email and phone calls will also be received by this new platform to allow us to provide a superior level of support to you. CareCru is dead-set on being the most premium growth platform in the Dental industry. A major part of that is the support we provide to you, our customer. Simply put, our previous service desk, and ticketing software, was not matching with what we’ve set out to do. Zendesk, however, matches that. We are now using best-in-class enterprise support software to ensure your requests do not go missed, your voice is heard and responded to, and your support experience is seamless.

Waitlist Loading Improvements

Release Date: 09-06-2021

Details: The Waitlist will now load instantly, even if there are 1000s of entries. The list is now paginated, with each page containing 15 entries. Simply use the arrows at the bottom of the list to navigate to different pages. 

Waitlist Search

Release Date: 09-06-2021

Details: The Waitlist can now be instantly filtered for a specific patient by typing their first or last name in the search bar. No longer a need to do Ctrl + F!

Validation to Prevent Creation of Duplicate Patients

Release Date: 02-11-2021

Details: If your Practice Management Software (PMS) allows for creation of new patients in CareCru which syncs to your PMS, a new validation process will block the creation of any existing patients with the same personal information. This will eliminate accidental creation of duplicate patient files.


Requestor Information Viewable for Appointment Requests

Release Date: 01-15-2021

Details: New ability to review requestor information from the appointment request card prior to acceptance/refusal, and ability to review in the Intelligence section.

Click here to learn more on how to take advantage of this new feature.

Ability to Add/Edit/Delete Users

Release Date: 12-01-2020

Click here to learn more on how to take advantage of this new feature.

New Sort & Filter Options for Waitlist

Release Date: 11-12-2020

Details: Enhanced ability to sort and filter various options on the Waitlist. 

Click here to learn more on how to take advantage of this new feature.