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How Dr. Ed Lowe Increased New Patients —Without Any Added Effort

How Dr. Ed Lowe Increased New Patients—Without Any Added Effort

Dr. Lowe and his staff wanted to increase the number of new patient appointments each month without increasing their advertising budget.

Donna began to learn about Dr. Lowe’s unique scheduling workflows, including time off, services offered, patient communication preferences, and more. Donna then went to work creating citations, backlinks and managing Dr. Lowe’s online presence—ensuring his practice was attracting new patients and filling his schedule.

Within weeks, Dr. Lowe’s Office had doubled their 5-star reviews, attracted numerous more new patients, and freed up dozens of hours of staff time.

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President of The Lowe Centre for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

''CareCru has notably increased our new patients. The best part is, this has all been done automatically. Our team now has more time to focus on higher value work. The new patients will pay for CareCru. It’s worth it.''


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