Meet Donna™
3 Team Members in 1

Donna™ is the world's first virtual dental practice assistant, powered by
Artificial Intelligence.


Fills and optimizes practitioner schedules while improving the overall patient experience


Acquires new patients each month and manages your online presence and reputation


Reveals insights and opportunities for growth—proactively taking action to achieve the best results

Donna Manages The Entire Patient Journey With Intelligence

Donna™ is different because she...

Manages and grows your practice without supervision

Writes into your practice management software the way a human would

Reaches patients on-the-go, from any device

Captures, follows up, and converts referrals into patients

Intelligently studies your data to reveal hidden insights

Delivers the right message, through the right channel, at the right time

Fills broken appointments in minutes

Increases your production by 8-20% and reduce costs by 5-10%

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