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Reviews of Dr. Nadine Susan Hradsky

July 1, 2016

WARNING!!! AVOID THIS ONE!! I cannot even being to tell you how horrible this pathetic excuse for a "doctor" is. Warning, DO NOT go to this person. First off, she must be at least over 80 year old, she looks like a woman from another century. Maybe that is why she is impatient, delusional and I am willing to bet she has issues. I was sent to this old lady, (I refuse to accept her as a "doctor" which is a shame to the integrity of that profession) the entire appointment was 3 minutes. She did not even look at my issue. I was sent to her because of a painful lipoma that is in my forearm which causes shooting intense pain when I lift weight. I am a competing in the sports soon and it is my identity. I already had a biopsy in this area before to confirm its lipoma unfortunately it was done by a very incompetent plastic surgeon "Stephanie Power" who was supposed to take the entire thing out, but she wanted to make money so she decided to take a sample instead of taking the whole thing, only to have me come back and pay for it. But she did a very poor job that it left a giant scar causing bleeding etc, long story short, there is a scar now, and now it is starting to pain a year later as it has the rest of the lipoma in that area. So my GP sent me to this woman Nadine to see what is causing pain. As I was explaining it, she already shakes her head before I could finish, well it is what it is, there is nothing I can do. I was getting irritated by her condescending tone and told her, no, this is painful and that is why I am being sent here, can you take a look. She cut me off again saying, it could be the scar tissue that causes pain, what do you want me to do? I couldn't believe the crap she is talking about, no that is not true I had this pain before the biopsy and that is the entire reason I had this biopsy done. She shakes her head like a retard and goes, well then you should stop lifting weights. I didn't understand her hostility, because it is not like I am wasting her time, she is getting a hefty fee for my visit there. I am visibly starting to get annoyed by her incompetence and thinking people are dumb to listen to her made up crap. Seeing my agitation she goes, if you really want it to be taken out, it is going to cost you money, it is not free. Ahaa there it is!! It is about money. She suggests the same Cnt Stephanie power will do a good job, I will send you to her, so you pay her and remove it. Are these people serious? She is sending me to the same person who put me in this mess in the first place. The sad fact about tax payers is, we work hard and we deserve better doctors with skills yet there is a huge incompetency in this industry that we are being sent to this pathetic excuse for a doctor who should have been allowed to leave her bed let alone "TREAT" hard working tax payers. I just stood up, didn't say a word let her office, knowing I am not gonna waste another precious minute of my life on this old fart. It bothers me that we deserve better doctors in this city for the amount of tax we pay, yet incompetent doctors like Nadine Hradsky, surgeons like Stephanie Power are employed. I warn you again, do not go to this woman who absolutely does not care about your well being and very interested in making money with the little knowledge if at all, she has. Email me if you have any questions, evidence and details.

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