Donna™ the

Front Office Assistant

Donna is that extra help around the front desk when you really need it. She needs no supervision and manages tasks from start to completion—with intelligence.

She logs her correspondence and notes directly into your practice management software system the same way you would train a staff member to do so. By managing some of the more tedious, mundane tasks, Donna allows the front office team to focus their efforts on higher value activities such as patient interaction and treatment acceptance.

Donna’s Front Office Responsibilities

Online Scheduling.png

Online Scheduling

Donna fills your schedule while maintaining your unique scheduling workflows.



Donna sends out text, email, and voice messages that are timed strategically to maximize patient reactivation and save hours of staff time.



Donna sends reminder messages at the right time, using the right channel to minimize broken appointments.


Call Tracking and Recording

Donna tracks call sources allowing you to see which of your marketing campaigns are driving results.


SMS Text Messaging

Exchange text messages with your patients using CareCru’s beautifully designed messaging interface.


Digital Waitlist

Donna compiles the ASAP list in your practice management software, along with the list she’s able to compile from the online scheduler to easily fill broken appointments.

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