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Reviews of Lougheed Medical Clinic Ltd

January 6, 2013

Upon reading the other reviews here I can speak for both ends of the service spectrum at this clinic. I have had both excellent and terrible service, but interestingly enough all the bad service I've gotten here was from the same doctor mentioned in the first review here, the 50-60ish larger lady with short gray hair. I have had the misfortune of having had to see her several times for varying reasons, once for acute tendinitis, she grabbed my arm and dug her thumb into my bicep in an exceedingly painful manner and asked me if I played tennis, tennis of all things!? I said no, she then grabbed my hand in a handshake type pose and twisted my wrist while saying resist me, if you want someone to do something for you perhaps giving advance warning would be helpful, she then decided that my muscles are under toned and I need to work on that. I'm a regular rock climber, my muscles are not under toned. I could go on and on with stories about this particular doctor, I have several.
But other than this one doctor all my experiences at this clinic have been fair to excellent, the front desk staff have always been friendly and helpful, sometimes the wait times can be ridiculous, 3-4 hours, but what else can you expect from a walk in clinic? But if someone doesn't show for their appointment they are quick to get the next person on the list in to see a doctor.
The best thing I can say is to try and avoid the short haired lady doctor (she does not give her name or I would put it here) and things should be fine.

June 25, 2011

I was hesitant to visit this clinic because of the negative review but I had a good experience. Wait was not unreasonably long, staff and doctors were very personable. I will return.

Sally R.
August 29, 2010

This is the worst clinic I've ever been to. The staff were horrible... too busy chewing gum and comparing cheep nail art to really be helpful, but I don't really care about medial office assistants. What I care about is basic medical care from a trained doctor. The doctor I saw here was a 50-60 year old lady with short grey hair. Actually, I should say I glipsed here and did not get to see her. She was rude, frustrated, barked orders at me, left me sitting topless for 15 mins and gave me a prescription after practically no exam. Really disappointing experience.

I told her my flu had gone into my chest, she barked that I needed to cover my face with a mask, asked if I wanted her to listen to my chest (was really frustrated that I might actually want this), which of course I did want her to do!!! What a stupid question: A doctor asking a patient if they want them to listen to their chest when the sole reason they are there is to have their chest condition diagnosed!!! So she said "FINE?!" has she turned around and walked out the door and said "take your shirt off!". No paper night gown, nothing.... I said, "you don't have to go, I'll just take my shirt off" but she ignored me and kept walking away. When she came back she ask me "do you have generally good health" and then proceeded to listen to my chest. I began saying that I was generally in good health but under a lot of stress at which point she stood aside with her hands on her hips and said "are you done? can I listen now?". She listened to my chest in three spots, wrote a prescription for amoxicillan and as she walked out of the room said "Don't take that mask off until your out of the clinic".

Okay, rudeness is one thing that really annoys me but failure to do one's job is far more irritating. What about asking me how long I've been sick, what the colour of my chest flem is, whether I've had a fever (take my temperature maybe?), whether I've been taking any over the counter meds and what they are and whether they are aggravating, ask whether I smoke, or tell me to drink warm and hot fluids..... SAY ANYTHING!! ASK SOME QUESTIONS.

This place is a failure and I'm never going back. The antibiotics didn't work and I ended going to a great clinic on North Road near Columbia Hospital where the guy gave me a three day dose of meds that he said would be more appropriate. This fellow was busy but he still ran through a basic list of medical questions and gave me useful advice.

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