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Reviews of Madrona Imaging

November 22, 2012

My first ultrasound was awesome and the guy tech was really friendly and polite. The receptionists were very sweet and I have no complaints with then, HOWEVER,the second ultrasound with an east Indian lady (I think east?), she had a bob haircut- it was not pleasant at all. Sorry that's the best way I can describe as she didn't tell me her name. She was very impersonal and blunt from the very start. I was in a great mood walking in but I left feeling sad and shaken. This moment was supposed to be very special to me but she basically ruined the whole experience. She couldn't get a proper reading even though I had at least 4 cups of water and she just seemed pissed off right away. She was playing hip hop from the radio in the room and I don't think it's the right setting for that but she did offer to turn it which was fine after I asked to turn the volume turn. She just seemed to generally hate her job. She was silent for 15 min during the session and seemed annoyed with reading so was prodding and digging at me with the instrument. Hey at least reassure me everything is alright when you're doing that! At least away a couple of friendly words...good grief. Maybe she was having a bad day but it ruined the whole experience.

April 7, 2012

Man....Some people are just grumpy no matter what you do to please them. I have been to Madrona Imaging on several occasions and the only issue I have is that they are soooo busy. To me that is a good sign. The staff have always been pleasant and informative when I ask questions or just checking in for my appointment. I have asked why they are so busy and the clerks were very proud to tell me that they are now digital and this means my doctor can see my images on line sometimes the same day as well as the report. I think that is great and hats off to these people. It must get really crazy there sometimes being so busy. The xray and ultrasound Techs have been nothing but professional with me and alway answer my questions without being rude. I agree with the response above. If you dont like the place then go to one not so great and get second rate response. I know I have gone to Parksville and will never go back again after being diagnosed wrong. Now their staff is rude!! That is why I dont go there anymore. Keep up the good work girls at Madrona.

April 6, 2012

To the above HARSH reviews. I had all of my OBS ultrasounds done with this clinic...NOT ONCE did I have a tech be rude to me...I was a high risk pregnancy and the tech's were patient, kind and understanding. The receptionist seemed like they needed more help...that they were busy. Perhaps if you don't like it there you could go to NRGH imaging or Parksville instead.

I have had multiple X-rays here as well, I was scared about one in particular and the tech talked me through the procedure.

It is too bad you had a bad experience, it has never been my experience there...the people (not just women BTW) were kind and caring people!

April 5, 2012

I don't understand the above postings! I have always had very good service and great interraction with the staff. I find them very compasionate and friendly. The technicians have always been very professional and nice to me as well. . This seems like a very busy office but I always get treated with respect and courtesy. I will continue to use this office for my xray and ultrasound needs in the future.

March 15, 2012

The receptionists here are the most miserable I have ever encountered. When a patient walks through the door, none of the receptionists will even bother to look up and acknowledge the patient. I saw one receptionist pointedly turn her back when I walked in. They will make sure you stand in front of their counter for a while before looking up with a hostile "Can I help you?" These women must really hate their jobs. After arranging child care for a younger sibling, I took my son in for an x-ray on his knee and was informed that knee x-rays weren't being done that day and to come back the next day. I went back the next day and again was told that no knee x-rays were being done. Meanwhile, my son has a lump below his knee that could be cancer. But no big deal, right?
The technicians are no better. They are NOT supposed to give a diagnosis during a procedure, but one technician told me during a pregnancy ultrasound (without being asked) that I had a bicornuate uterus, meaning a potentially high risk of miscarriage or complications. After a lot of panic and worry, it turned out that my uterus was perfectly normal. Nice work.
Quit your jobs if you hate them so much!

March 7, 2012

These women that work here are ALL RUDE to put it nicely. I am a high risk pregnancy and have Togo to this place every 2 weeks unfortunately. One technician was stabbing my stomach with the thing because she couldn't get good reading from my baby! But the receptionists are the worst. People that goto this office are there for concerns or for the magical moment of seeing their babies and these women ruin it all. Their attitudes are disgusting and they should ALL be fired- they clearly hate their jobs anyways. Have some compassion ladies. This is EVERY time I go there. I hate it and dread my appointments because of the horrible staff.

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