Donna™ the

Practice Consultant

By scouring through data within your practice management software, Donna reveals hidden insights and opportunities for growth that you previously had not seen. Whether it's suggesting which marketing campaigns to run to maximize performance, showing you today's Morning Huddle report, or benchmarking your practice against industry leaders, Donna has you covered! She not only shows you where you can improve, she acts on these insights to drive meaningful results. Hire Donna today to grow your practice with intelligence.

Donna’s Consulting Responsibilities

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Practice Intelligence Reports

Donna displays your reports, allowing you and your team to view your practice's health in a whole new way.


Patient Insight Report

Donna's Patient Insight reports show you what your front office team needs to focus on each day.


Practice Growth Reports

Donna's Practice Growth Reports allow you to see the full loop of which marketing channels and campaigns are providing the most value each month.


Group Intelligence Reports

Donna's Group Intelligence Reports allows you to view the health of every practice in one glance.

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