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May 26, 2012

My wife currently has issues that required a medical report from a specialist. I returned with her several times to see Dr. Meek over the period of a month towards reviewing the important health recommedndations it was to contain. After roughly 30 days a single page document was all that had been posted to this clinics paperless system. As this report was to contain vital recommendations the specialist was contacted immedaitely by us and indicated this report had been forwarded to this clinic many days earlier. The specialists office in turn resent the report and we returned the next day to see Dr.Meek once again waiting over two hours. It was during this visit Dr.Meek went from the being the Doctor we knew to a very twisted unit. He was cold and rude in his approach to us, not addressing the recommendations of the specialist in the report regarding blood work, medications or a required sleep study. All Dr.Meek did was jam a copy of the specialist report into the hand of a very sick and challenged lady, and promptly left the examination room. I left with my wife who as welI as I had until this moment a high regard for Dr.Meek and went home to read the report. It was very evident that the items not immediately addressed by Dr, Meek as set out by the specialist needed immediate action. To this end we found a new physician the next morning who immediately addressed the required tests set out by the specialist.

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