Hi, I’m Donna™

I'm a virtual dental practice assistant who adds $100K to $300K of production to your schedule and saves you 40+ hours per week

Donna™ Automates the Repetitive Tasks of 3 Team Members


Fills and optimizes practitioner schedules while improving the overall patient experience


Acquires new patients each month and manages your online presence and reputation


Reveals insights and opportunities for growth—proactively taking action to achieve the best results

A Few Of Our Happy Customers

How Donna Produces Immediate Results


Turbo Charge Your Practice With Artificial Intelligence

Donna™ intelligently learns about your scheduling processes to ensure she fills your schedule, without disorganizing your calendar. Donna then uses the latest online marketing tactics to attract, acquire, and retain patients.

Boost Patient Engagement and Loyalty

Provide an exceptional end-to-end patient experience. Keep them engaged all year round with the right message at the right time.

"We turned on CareCru and the next morning had 5 returning patient appointment requests!"

Maple Place Dental


Gain Powerful Practice Intelligence

Donna's intelligence reports give you actionable insight in ways you had not previously been able to see. Measure and compare your dental offices using key performance indicators and industry benchmarks.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Practice Management Software

Donna™ reads, writes and tracks directly with your practice management system in real-time, eliminating duplication of work and saving your team time.

"With CareCru, everything I need to know is right there, at my fingertips."

- Ayesha Morley, Practice Manager at Lowe Centre of
Cosmetic Dentistry


How Dr. Ed Lowe Increased New Patients—Without Any Added Effort

Dr. Lowe and his staff wanted to increase the number of new patient appointments each month without increasing their advertising budget.

Donna began to learn about Dr. Lowe's unique scheduling workflows, including time off, services offered, patient communication preferences, and more. Donna then went to work creating citations, backlinks and managing Dr. Lowe's online presence—ensuring his practice was attracting new patients and filling his schedule.

Within weeks, Dr. Lowe's Office had doubled their 5-star reviews, attracted numerous more new patients, and freed up dozens of hours of staff time.


Gallery Dental Gets an Additional 18 New Patients in Their First Month

Gallery Dental wanted to provide an easy way for patients to schedule appointments outside of office hours but knew it would be difficult given the complex scheduling processes that they had built over the years.

The CareCru team took the time to learn their scheduling workflow, and configured Donna to manage the schedule the same way they had done in the past. This included writing specific notes in appointments, splitting schedules between doctors and hygienists, and moving and managing appointments to maximize capacity.

In the first month alone, Donna scheduled 18 new patients, 14 of which booked outside of office hours.


Medi-Dent Sees Over 23 New Patients in Their First Month

Medi-Dent relied on staff and piecemeal solutions to manage their web presence. This left them wanting more.

Donna began to quickly convert website visitors into new patients and helped retain those patients and keep them loyal over time.

Within their first month, they saw over 23 new patients that booked with their practice.



Increase Production by over 20%


All-in-one Patient Relationship Management


Attract up to 50% More New Patients


Drive Patient Loyalty and Engagement


Give Donna over 40 hours of weekly tasks


Gain Actionable Insights on Your Business

What's Included with Donna™

For one low price, Donna provides the following

  • Practice Growth Reports
  • Patient Management 2.0
  • Patient Journey Timelines
  • Patient Insights/Morning Huddle Report
  • Practice Intelligence Reports
  • Unlimited Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 60-Day Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee
  • No Contract, No Cancellation, No Setup Fee
  • Guaranteed Growth & Time Saved
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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. Exactly the opposite. We take the time up front to learn about your unique scheduling processes so that we drive results without disrupting your workflow. With Donna, you will be able to fill and manage your schedule quicker and easier.

No. Exactly the opposite. We take the time up front to learn about your unique scheduling processes so that we drive results without disrupting your workflow. With Donna, you will be able to fill and manage your schedule quicker and easier.

Great question! Our customers will see anywhere between an 8-20% improvement in production, up to 40 hours of time savings per week, and a 30-50% increase in new patients. Our customers will also see improvements in website traffic, online bookings, broken appointments, online review ratings, referrals, and patient lifetime value. Just take a look at our case studies and see for yourself, or simply ask us for a reference.

No. We earn your business every month.

We deliver results. That is how we measure our success and our value to our customers. This means we don’t just manage your recalls, or confirm your appointments. We’re here to make sure your business is growing and that you are providing your patients with a great experience to get them coming back, and ultimately grow your practice.

Donna™ manages the entire patient journey. This includes everything from how your patients find you, schedule an appointment, and arrive prepared and on time. Donna also makes sure that patients return, remain loyal, and ultimately become champions for your practice. Schedule a demo today so we can walk you through this journey.

CareCru integrates with the majority of practice management systems, including Dentrix, EagleSoft, OpenDental, Cleardent, Tracker and many more. We’re constantly adding to our list of integrations and partnerships so just ask if you’re not sure.

With the dental industry changing at such an alarming rate, waiting can be very expensive. We pride ourselves on always staying a step ahead, and we provide that knowledge and experience to our customers.

We have one low cost and you’ll have to watch a demo to find out 🙂 One thing we know is that we’ve never charged a customer that didn’t see results. Our customers will see anywhere between 5-10 times return on their investment (ROI). Schedule a demo with us and ask for an ROI Assessment to see how much your practice can benefit from hiring Donna™.

No. Exactly the opposite. We guarantee your money back if you don’t see results within 60 days. We have no contracts, no setup fee, no onboarding fee, no training or support fee… I think you get the point. We want to earn your business, not lock you in.

First, we need to understand your scheduling workflows and patient preferences. Once we’ve done that, we will configure Donna accordingly and schedule a launch session to show you and your team how to make the most of Donna. Thereafter, we’ll provide unlimited call and chat support to make sure your entire team is comfortable and trained to take your practice to new heights.

For the front office, Donna is working 24/7 to take tedious, mundane tasks away—allowing your team to focus their efforts on higher value activities and provide exceptional care to your patients. For Dentists, you can know that Donna is working for you to attract, acquire and retain your patients—ultimately filling your schedule and growing your practice.

Yes. We’ve built Donna from the ground up to be compliant with all relevant regulations in all jurisdictions, accounting for everything from HIPAA, PIPEDA, and PIPA. We also have a very clear privacy policy.

How we differentiate is with our deep integration into your practice management software. This allows us to fill and optimize your schedule without disrupting your existing workflows. Think of it this way, the same way you would train a front office team member, we can configure Donna to help you manage your practice. Further, this level of integration allows us to provide powerful insights to help you grow your practice.

We have several options for buying out existing contracts and will make the transition to our service both fast and easy.