Patient Engagement Solutions for the Modern Dental Practice

Deliver a better patient experience effortlessly with CareCru’s suite of automated patient communication solutions.

Deliver a better patient experience effortlessly with CareCru’s suite of automated patient communication solutions.

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Create Better Patient Experiences with CareCru

CareCru integrates with your practice management software and automates repetitive front office tasks so your team can focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional patient care.


Turbo Charge Your Practice With Intelligent Automation

Introducing Donna: the automation engine that powers CareCru’s automations – and the best virtual hire you’ll ever make. Donna intelligently learns your unique scheduling workflows and fills your calendar automatically through our online scheduler – for a truly effortless appointment booking process, day or night.

Boost Patient Engagement with Timely Communication

Use CareCru to facilitate simple and secure two-way texting – the preferred mode of communication for the modern patient. Then let Donna manage your reminders via timely automated text messages to confirm appointments and maximize patient reactivation.

"We turned on CareCru and the next morning had 5 returning patient appointment requests!"

Maple Place Dental


Optimize the Patient Experience Through Practice Intelligence

CareCru’s morning huddle report provides real-time insights into patient priorities to ensure your team can most effectively interact with each patient. Gauge the success of your efforts via practice intelligence reports offering benchmark comparisons and actionable insights.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Practice Management Software

Donna™ reads, writes and tracks directly with your practice management system in real-time, eliminating duplication of work and saving your team time.

"With CareCru, everything I need to know is right there, at my fingertips."

- Ayesha Morley, Practice Manager at Lowe Centre of
Cosmetic Dentistry


How Dr. Ed Lowe Increased New Patients—Without Any Added Effort

Dr. Lowe and his staff wanted to increase the number of new patient appointments each month without increasing their advertising budget.

Donna began to learn about Dr. Lowe's unique scheduling workflows, including time off, services offered, patient communication preferences, and more. Donna then went to work creating citations, backlinks and managing Dr. Lowe's online presence—ensuring his practice was attracting new patients and filling his schedule.

Within weeks, Dr. Lowe's Office had doubled their 5-star reviews, attracted numerous more new patients, and freed up dozens of hours of staff time.



Increase Production by up to 20%


All-in-one Patient Relationship Management


Attract up to 50% More New Patients


Drive Patient Loyalty and Engagement


Give Donna over 40 hours of weekly tasks


Gain Actionable Insights on Your Business

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