Recent Carecru Updates

🎁 What's New?

Chat: Media Type Preview

Release Date: 05-03-2023

Details: We have now included a preview of media types that are attached to patient chat conversations in the quick view on the left side-bar of Chats.



Patient Timeline: Voice Reminder Activity

Release Date: 05-03-2023

Details: We have enhanced the description on the patient timeline for voice reminders, which now follows the same format as SMS and Email reminders so they are easier to detect. 


Waitlist: Enhanced Patient Search/View

Release Date: 02-22-2023

Details: We have enhanced the patient search view when adding in new Waitlist entries. When you have patients with the same name, you can better identify the correct record by seeing their age and last appointment details. This is the same format currently seen in the main search function of the platform.

Online Booking Requests: Improved Functionality

Release Date: 02-22-2023

Details: Previously, when accepting online booking requests, you would have to manually select the practitioner and chair (operatory) before you could add it.


Our improved functionality will now pre-fill this information automatically, based on the request made by the patient.

  • If the patient selected a specific practitioner during their online request, that practitioner will appear along with their assigned chair.
  • If the patient selected no preference, based on the availability in your schedule, the suggested practitioner and chair will be pre-populated.



User-Friendly Online Booking Process

Release Date: 02-21-2023

Details: We have revamped our Online Booking process, making it much more user-friendly for a better patient experience. Patients no longer need to create an account or remember a username and password to book appointments and there are fewer clicks to request an appointment.

For first-time users, we will now verify their contact information by sending a code to their cellphone or email. This same process will also be used for existing users to retrieve any previously stored patient information.


Waitlist: Enhanced Filtering

Release Date: 02-08-2023

Details: Previously, when you filtered the Waitlist by Practitioner, Time or Reasons, all “null” values would automatically be included in your filtered view.

We have removed this logic, and instead added the ability to choose if you want null values, by selecting “not set” in your filter.


Refresh Browser Notification After Platform Upgrades

Release Date: 02-08-2023

Details: In the past, when upgrades had been performed on the platform, some unexpected behavior may have occurred and was not corrected until a clearing of the cache or browser refresh had been manually completed.

Now, when a platform upgrade is performed, you will automatically be notified that a refresh is required. With one simple click of the “Refresh Page” link in the notification…viola! You now have the most up-to-date view.

Ability to Allow Double Bookings for Select Practitioners

Release Date: 02-08-2023

Details: You now have the ability to allow select practitioner (ie: Doctor) to be “double-booked” for Online Booking request. This new feature is available through Account Settings > Practitioners, under the toggle labeled “Would you like to enable double booking for this provider?” 

This allows for Doctor’s working out of multiple chairs, the ability to show availabilities at the same time for each chair.



  • Dr. X has the toggle “Would you like to enable double booking for this provider?” turned ON
  • Dr. X allows for 1hr Consult booking requests online
  • Dr. X works out of Chair 1 & Chair 2
  • Dr. X is booked from 9am – 5pm on Chair 1 but Chair 2 has two 1-hr openings:
    1.   12-1pm
    2.   1-2pm
  • Dr. X will show an availability on the Online Scheduler for these two availabilities whereas previously, these time would be shown as unavailable.


Automatic Page Refresh on Smart Recare List

Release Date: 01-26-2023

Details: While working on your Smart Recare list within Patient Management, when you log a recall – your list will automatically refresh! This will remove the patient from your list view without any manual intervention on your side so you and your co-workers can easily see an up-to-date list in real-time.

Enhanced Chat Conversation Preview

Release Date: 01-11-2023

Details: We have enhanced how users can quickly preview Chat conversations including:

  • the ability to clearly see who was the last staff user outside of Donna to message the patient
  • the ability to see if only Donna has ever sent any messages to the patient
  • the ability to see if the patient messaged in last
  • the ability to preview the date and time of the last correspondence with a staff user


          *Scenario #1:  User “GO/Gustavo” was last staff user to send a message, no automations sent since

          *Scenario #2: User “LY” was last staff user to send message but since then, Donna has sent an automation

          *Scenario #3: User “AP” was last staff user to send message but since then, patient replied back

          *Scenario #4: No staff user has sent any messages to patient, only Donna  


Hovering over the staff user avatar quickly displays more information about the last contact made by that staff user including:

  • full name
  • date/time when they messaged the patient.

⌛Archived Enhancements

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🔥 Current Issues

Practice Logo on Email Automations too Small

Reported: 03/07/2023

Details: The practice logo in Reminders, Recalls and Review messages are appearing small in some Email Platform services.

🎉 Resolved Issues

Waitlist: Mass Text Default Message Issue

Resolved: 05/03/2023

Details: Users reported after a certain period of time, the Waitlist Mass Text message would change back to the default message and you would lose any changes made before sending.



Dentrix Practices: Practitioner Data defaulting to incorrect values

Resolved: 04/19/2023

Details: Some practices that use Dentrix as their Practice Management Software have reported that some practitioner data is not properly showing in CareCru, and are defaulting to incorrect values. This includes title and status (active vs. inactive).



Success/Confirmation Messages not Automatically Disappearing

Resolved: 01/25/2023

Details: Users reported that Success and/or Confirmation Messages in the platform are not automatically disappearing after a few seconds, as they had before. Instead, you had to manually click the “X” on the message to have it removed.


Assigned Practitioner(s) not Showing under Reasons

Resolved: 12/29/2022

Details: Users reported that when you first clicked on Reasons under Account Settings, that the Practitioner(s) assigned to the reason upon first view do not populate and appear to be blank. Upon navigating to a different reason and going back, then the practitioner(s) would appear.

Forms Submissions Inconsistencies

Resolved: 11/02/2022

Details: The following issues were addressed:

    • Date of birth on main submission page not matching same formatting on preview page
    • Pagination: When in double digits, second number of the pagination not showing
    • When previewing a form, upon closing the preview the form was incorrectly marked as “actioned” automatically