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Pop-up Notifications for Chat

Release Date: 06-15-2022

Details: If notifications are enabled, users on the platform will now receive a pop-up notification for incoming chat messages. Previously, this notification was limited to only Virtual Waiting Room and Online Booking Requests.

To enable (or disable) these notifications, please find the below instructions:

Enable Notifications


Waitlist Preferred Days to Factor in Office Hours

Release Date: 06-15-2022

Details: When a patient tries to add themselves to the Waitlist from the Online Appointment Booking Widget, the available days option will now factor in the office business days.
Example: Office is closed on Sundays, these days are no longer presented as an option for their available days.


Updated Missed/Cancelled Metric

Release Date: 06-13-2022

Details: Updated Missed/Cancelled Appointments metric found in the Schedule Report under the Intelligence Page
The updated metric will track the total count of appointments that were missed/cancelled but have not been rescheduled after cancellation (at the time the report is generated).  
This metric replace the percentage of Total Appointments missed/cancelled.


Retain Draft Chat Messages in Patient Conversation until Sent

Release Date: 06-01-2022

Details: Previously, if you started to type a text response to a patient in Chat, and you navigated away from the Chat feature, you would lose anything you had typed. Now, the message will be saved as a draft until such time as the user clicks on Send. This is particularly useful when you need to copy a form link and have to return back to your draft chat.


Follow-Ups Default View to Include Active and Inactive Patients

Release Date: 05-18-2022

Details: Previously the default view found under the Patient Management reports My Follow Ups (Past 30 Days) and Follow Ups would only show Active patients, and you would have to remove the default filter to see Inactive patients as well. Now we have removed this filter from both reports so that you automatically see all your follow-ups, regardless of the patient’s status.

Receive Images/GIF’s from Patients through Chat

Release Date: 04-06-2022

Details: Both Images and GIF’s sent by patients can now be viewed in Chat. Upon receipt, the practice user can also open the image in a new window, and save it as required. This is a great feature when requesting pictures of insurance cards, estimates, etc!


Form Sync for ABELDent and Power Practice

Release Date: 03-25-2022

Details: Patient submitted forms are now able to be automatically synced and downloaded into the practice management software for clients using ABELDent or Power Practice. Keep an eye out for this feature to be released to more of our compatible practice management software’s soon!! 


Edit Patient Created Waitlist Entries

Release Date: 02-25-2022

Details: Practice users now have the ability to edit patient created waitlist entries. This edit feature was previously only available on waitlist entries created in the CareCru platform.

Customize Donna’s Reminders & Virtual Waiting Room

Release Date: 02-07-2022

Details: The ability to fully customize all your reminder and virtual waiting room messages directly in the platform through Account Settings > Donna

Here’s an example of the new look:

Find below a link to our Knowledge Article which includes a short video detailing how each setting works, and how you can customize each reminder.

Customize Donna’s Reminders


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πŸ”₯ Current Issues

Email Preview for Forms Submissions

Reported: 04/18/2022

Details: Users are reporting that the email preview received for some forms submissions does not match the question wording on the actual form. 

Note: both the form wording and the PDF of the form are correct, it is only the email preview that is pulling old wording.

Assigned Practitioner(s) not Showing under Reasons

Reported: 03/30/2022

Details: Users have reported that when you first click on Reasons under Account Settings, that the Practioner(s) assigned to the reason upon first view do not populate and appear to be blank. Upon navigating to a different reason and going back, then the practitioner(s) will appear.

Chat Lag

Reported: 01/13/2022

Details: Users are reporting that at times, there is up to a 5-10 second lag on opening a patient’s chat history. This is continuing to be improved upon, and has already seen some improvement, but will continued to be improved.

πŸŽ‰ Resolved Issues

Error Displayed when Selecting Patient Profile from Patient Management

Resolved: 06/15/2022

Details: Users reported that at time, when you were in a Patient Management report, if you clicked on the quick view of the patient and then tried to click on the patient name to be redirected to their full profile, and error would display.

Chat Message Disappearing after being Sent

Resolved: 06/02/2022

Details: Users were experiencing an issue in the platform where chat messages would disappear after being sent. Until a refresh was performed on the browser, you could not see your own message sent to the patient.

Online Booking Requests Notification Not Working


Details: The notification through Chrome for Online Booking Requests had stopped working. Now you can receive both Virtual Waiting Room and Online Booking Requests through Notifications, it turned on. For information on how to turn these notifications on, please review the knowledge article below.

How to enable notifications


Waitlist Selections being Unchecked


Details: Sporadically, when multiple waitlist selections were being chosen to send out a mass text, the selections would suddenly be unselected, forcing the user to re-select their entries.


Practitioner Filter not working on Missed/Cancelled List


Details: When the practitioner filter was applied to the Missed/Cancelled list in Patient Management, the results would show 0 appointments instead of adding in the filter.