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Automatic Page Refresh on Smart Recare List

Release Date: 01-26-2023

Details: While working on your Smart Recare list within Patient Management, when you log a recall – your list will automatically refresh! This will remove the patient from your list view without any manual intervention on your side so you and your co-workers can easily see an up-to-date list in real-time.

Enhanced Chat Conversation Preview

Release Date: 01-11-2023

Details: We have enhanced how users can quickly preview Chat conversations including:

  • the ability to clearly see who was the last staff user outside of Donna to message the patient
  • the ability to see if only Donna has ever sent any messages to the patient
  • the ability to see if the patient messaged in last
  • the ability to preview the date and time of the last correspondence with a staff user



          *Scenario #1:  User “GO/Gustavo” was last staff user to send a message, no automations sent since

          *Scenario #2: User “LY” was last staff user to send message but since then, Donna has sent an automation

          *Scenario #3: User “AP” was last staff user to send message but since then, patient replied back

          *Scenario #4: No staff user has sent any messages to patient, only Donna  


Hovering over the staff user avatar quickly displays more information about the last contact made by that staff user including:

  • full name
  • date/time when they messaged the patient.


Waitlist Information Added to Online Appointment Requests

Release Date: 12-29-2022

Details: We have now added the ability for you to identify when a patient has requested to be added to the Waitlist from the online appointment request, including their availability preferences. This way you can action on the Waitlist request right away if applicable.

Added Practitioner Type

Release Date: 12-14-2022

Details: A new Practitioner Type of “Specialist” is now able to be chosen under Account Settings > Practitioners. Changing the type will update the title on the Schedule page and Intelligence reports within the platform, as well as on the Online Scheduling Widget.


Chat Enhancements

Release Date: 11-23-2022

Details: New enhancements in Chat to improve the user experience.

1.       Chat: Text History Date Format
We have changed the way we present historical messages in Chat to better identify exactly what date a message was sent or received by a patient.

2.     Chat: Ability to send Forms directly from an open Chat
You will now be able to send a form directly from a Chat with a patient, without having to go to forms and copy the URL. You will find a new icon beside emoji’s, which will list all your available forms to add to your message!

3.     Chat: Last Message Sent Avatar
You will now be able to easily identify who in your practice last messaged a patient in Chat, by seeing their Avatar (initials) on the right toolbar and below each patient’s name. This will make it easier for you to navigate your Open Chats amongst your team members.


Online Scheduling: Rejection Reason

Release Date: 11-23-2022

Details: When you decide to reject an online appointment request, you will now be able to select a rejection reason, for better tracking purposes. Watch for this reason to be added to the Online Scheduling report in the Requests Received table in a few weeks!


Waitlist Enhancements

Release Date: 11-09-2022

Details: A newly built foundation, and many new enhancements…with more to come!

1.     Source of the entry: A new easily identifiable icon allows you to know whether the entry was created by the practice team or by the patient through the online schedule. A future phase will also include a sync entry from your practice management software!

2.     Dynamic list of Reasons: Along with our original 3 default reasons, the list will also include all reasons from your online scheduler and will be populated as such from any online appointment request.

3.     Availability Dates: Along with the Available From date when the patient is first available for the Waitlist, there will now be an Available Until field which will either sync directly from the online appointment request made by the patient, be linked manually to an existing appointment, or be a specific end date as requested by the patient.

4.     Automatic Removal: With the addition of the Available Until field, after the appointment has taken place or the requested end date has passed, the patient will be automatically removed from the Waitlist!

5.     Text Count: When the patient is sent a text through the Waitlist, the team will be able to see how many times they’ve been contacted along with the date of the most recent text that was sent.

6.     Date filter: The goal of the Waitlist is to assist you in filling any gaps within your daily schedule, caused by short-notice cancellations. With the date filter, you can now quickly select a specific date and time from a cancellation appointment and be able to find all patients that match the criteria.

7.     Text Template: Anyone with the role of Owner in the platform will now have the ability to create a default template for all practice users to use, including the use of insert tags and emojis.


Explore our Waitlist knowledge articles for answers to frequent questions that pop up! 

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⌛Archived Enhancements

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🔥 Current Issues

Tracker Practices: Logged Recalls not Syncing to Tracker

Reported: 12/05/2022

Details: Practices that use Tracker as their Practice Management Software have reported that logging a recall in the platform is not currently syncing to their Tracker database.

🎉 Resolved Issues

Success/Confirmation Messages not Automatically Disappearing

Resolved: 01/25/2023

Details: Users reported that Success and/or Confirmation Messages in the platform are not automatically disappearing after a few seconds, as they had before. Instead, you had to manually click the “X” on the message to have it removed.


Assigned Practitioner(s) not Showing under Reasons

Resolved: 12/29/2022

Details: Users reported that when you first clicked on Reasons under Account Settings, that the Practitioner(s) assigned to the reason upon first view do not populate and appear to be blank. Upon navigating to a different reason and going back, then the practitioner(s) would appear.

Forms Submissions Inconsistencies

Resolved: 11/02/2022

Details: The following issues were addressed:

    • Date of birth on main submission page not matching same formatting on preview page
    • Pagination: When in double digits, second number of the pagination not showing
    • When previewing a form, upon closing the preview the form was incorrectly marked as “actioned” automatically